¿Qué solucionamos?

What do we solve?

At garbanzo Centenario we are focused on solving problems. We innovate in the sale of chickpeas in E-commerce, simplifying the process of acquiring our product for consumers, distributors, hummus or flour producers and restaurateurs.

  • We simplify the acquisition of chickpeas, meeting the specific needs of our clients effectively.

  • Buying chickpeas online saves time and effort by eliminating the need to travel, providing flexibility in schedules and guaranteeing the freshness of the product directly from the field to your doorstep.

  • As a trusted partner for restaurants, distributors and producers, Centenario offers superior quality chickpeas at competitive prices, ensuring a direct supply from the field to maintain a constant source of essential ingredients.

  • We offer chickpeas of the highest quality, at the best price. We increase the offer of products that are usually available in common sales places for both final consumers and wholesalers.

You can buy centennial chickpeas easily, quickly and cheaply, but above all, with the best quality on the market. Buy fresh chickpeas and the size you need.

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