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JUMBO chickpea

JUMBO chickpea

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Quality in your purchase
The product you are purchasing is JUMBO size (12MM+), export quality and meets the strictest parameters.

Grown with Passion, Selected with Precision

At Garbanzos Centenario, we grow our chickpeas with an unwavering passion for excellence. Each grain is selected with precision, which means that you buy directly from the origin, without intermediaries, thus guaranteeing the best possible price.

Billing and Attention 24/7

Your satisfaction is our priority. We invoice all your purchases, and our customer service team is available to answer your questions and address your needs.

Sealed products

Our products are sealed to keep freshness and quality intact during shipping throughout Mexico.

Guaranteed Export Quality

Our chickpeas meet the highest export quality standards. Here are the parameters that we follow rigorously:

- Impurities: Less than 0.25%

- Chopped Grain: Less than 0.25%

- Moistened: Less than 0.25%

- Split/Peeled: Less than 1%

- Discoloration: Less than 3%

White Kabuli Variety - Not Genetically Modified

Our chickpeas are of the White Kabuli variety, a popular choice due to its soft texture and delicious flavor. Best of all, our chickpeas are non-genetically modified (non-GMO), which means they are 100% natural and healthy.

Measurement standards:

Jumbo = 12MM+

Standard = 9MM

Splits = Easy-to-cook halved chickpeas

Harvested in Hermosillo Sonora

Clean and Sanitized: Guaranteed free of contaminants and pests

Custom labeling

Ask about our custom White Label labeling services

Purchases greater than 1 ton

If you are interested in purchases greater than 1 ton, please contact us directly in the contact us section.

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