¿Quiénes somos?

About us?

We are Centenario, a family with an agricultural tradition that spans more than 100 years. Over several generations, we have cultivated a deep love for the land and the environment, caring for every corner of our fields with an unwavering commitment. Now, we are excited to bring one of our most precious products directly from the field to your home: the chickpea.

The name "Centenario" carries with it the weight of our years of dedication and effort in agriculture. It symbolizes our longevity in this field, the hard work we have invested in each crop, and the deep love we feel for the land. Every chickpea that reaches your table is the result of decades of experience and passion for what we do.

The golden color that we choose to represent ourselves is a reflection of our maturity as farmers, offering national and international distribution of our products. We have seen the agricultural sector grow and evolve, and we have learned to adapt to changes, innovating in marketing via the internet, facilitating the process for our buyers and saving time.

At Centenario, our mission is simple but powerful: to bring chickpeas directly from the field to your hands. Through E-commerce platforms, we have found an opportunity to share with the world the freshness and quality of our products, eliminating intermediaries and giving you the best of our harvest.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Discover the difference that more than 100 years of experience and love for agriculture make in each chickpea we sell. Thank you for trusting Centenario to bring the essence of the countryside to your home, in every bite.

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